About my photography

My interest in photography started way back in 1997, when my father gifted me a Minolta F10BF film camera. I liked photographing friends, events and beautiful landscapes, during my days at college. However the cost of film and image development at a photo-studio was a limiting factor for me in those days. Therefore what I clicked was not for the sole purpose of photography. There had to be a reason for clicking photos.

I brought my first digital camera, a point and shoot Olympus FE330 in 2008. I was completely in love with that little camera. I started taking pictures just for the heck of it. My trusted comrade in many a trek and trip, this camera was the architect of a big archive of digitized memories of some of my most cherished and joyful times with friends and family. And like a true martyr, it broke down after a hectic rain-soaked trek on the hills of Matheran. I tried to get it repaired, but it was no more the same. Finally in 2014 I retired it.

My next camera and by far the best camera I ever used or saw others use (in its class of course) was a Olympus Stylus SH50. It was after I started using this camera, did I really get interested in learning photography. It was around the same time I also got interested in Ornithology. Birds and Photography, yes of course its a match made in heaven. Many of the photos in this blog are taken with my SH50. I am so in love with Olympus cameras that when I wanted to have a more advanced camera to help me progress in my learning, I was looking for a Olympus. It took a lot of effort to overcome my skepticism about other makers before I upgraded to a Nikon D5300. Now I have both these cameras in my arsenal. With my trusted lieutenant SH50, veteran of many a field trip and my new recruit D5300, I am taking baby steps forward towards learning the art of photography.

Photography gives me immense pleasure and a good picture or two, is a source of great joy for me. I created this blog to share my joy with you. I feel happy when my picture brings a smile on someone’s face. It is the most important thing in today’s hectic life. It doesnot get any better if it can actually show you something new, something you never thought about.

So here I am, to express how I view the world around me. If you like or dont like what you see or if you have any thoughts regarding the pics, feel free to comment or share. Your thoughts will help me improve my art. Hope you enjoy every moment you spend on this blog nevertheless.

All the very best to you.




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