Old Pain – a poem

She strode into the restaurant
A face from the distant past
With the alluring charm as sublime
As an angel in heaven cast.

She took the table by the window
He settled back in his chair
Her eyes looked around for the waiter
As her fingers flicked her hair.

As the morning light fell on her face
It looked like a divine art
He felt the torment rise again
Within the depths of his heart.

The steak grew cold on his table
Lay there unremembered
He could hardly suppress an old pain
That over the years he had tempered.

The memory of that phone call
She scolded him severe
His love he had professed for her
Was turned down with a sneer.

Ten years hence this day has come
He has travelled far and wide
But for all the world he has seen
None else has he ever eyed.

She was lost in thought and looking out
In a steady pensive gaze
While he wanted so to approach her
He thought up different ways.

Ten long years of life have gone
Has she softened down a tad?
Should he go ahead and speak to her?
He reckoned it would be bad.

He let an unhappy sigh escape
As he paid up for his food
Walking away towards the exit
He reasoned it was for good.

Outside he walked by the glass
He stole one final glance
For one moment their eyes did meet
It seemed to break her trance.

A smile lit up her lovely face
His heart did skip one beat
He wasn’t sure it was for him
As she came outside to meet.

“How are you?” She smiled and asked
Tongue tied he just stammered
She gazed at him with tender eyes
His heart inside him hammered.

That usual pride of old had gone
Perhaps mellowed down with age
He flustered as he looked at her
His bearings he tried to gauge.

She invited him for a coffee
As they sat across the table
He knew it was a second chance
Found only in a fable.

Was it real? Was it happening?
He prayed for it to be true
He thanked the Gods in the heavens
For this gift out of the blue.

Read Till Next Time for what happens next.


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