Its All in the Light

Someone has very truly said that the right light at the right time can transform the most mundane into something extraordinary. I have heard people say that the Golden moments for taking the most beautiful pictures are the ones just after sunrise or just before sunset.

Personally I have always found it very gratifying to be outside on early mornings; to fill my lungs with the cool, fresh morning air, unhindered and unblemished by the routine mayhem of the large populace of humans all around.

To top that up, a view of the sun rising and that too while being well placed on a vantage point is something that can fill my heart with unbridled happiness. Every sunrise is unique. Whether it is on the mountains or over the flat unending plains; through the mist strung between shade trees over a tea garden or over vast water bodies, every sunrise is different except for the profound effect each seems to have on me. At every instance I have felt my heart swell with undescribable feelings of elation.

The prompt Glow reminded me of this photograph taken while on a bicycle trip early one morning. I had my partner take this picture of me as a silhouette on the face of the rising sun.

While this is one of my favorite pictures of a sunrise, I would also like to share this other picture taken before a sunset with the sun in all its scarlet splendor.


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