Waiting for Baby Mantis

A mantis hanging upside down on the branch of a chilli shrub;

Folded arms, unblinking eyes, seemed waiting for a grub.

I went down near, my cam in hand to click a close up likeness.

She did not move, turned her head and peered into the lens.

Seeing her so frozen still I felt that she was sick,

And noticed that her throbbing belly oddly seemed so thick.

I took my pics, let her be as and where she nested.

The morning hence I found her there, an egg sac by her rested.

A golden sac housing in it a hundred baby mantids,

Made me eager, looking ahead, waiting for those ‘kids’.

Three weeks hence the mamma’s gone, the sac is shrunken brown;

Now any day the sac will hatch, nymphs will tumble down.

Nothing compares to wonders that Mother Nature does make.

To witness one such blessed sight would be a lucky break.

The post is in response to Daily post prompt Leaf.


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