Food For Thought

Our ten month old son looks up towards his mom who has come in with a bowl in her hand. He knows that it’s dinner time. He understands as soon as he is made to sit on his chair with the tray attached in front. Sometimes he gets bored if he is made to wait too long. Being an active child, he must consider such delays as wastage of play time. As soon as his mom comes in with the bowl in her hand, he gets all excited in anticipation. 

What does he eat? It’s just mashed cereals with boiled veggies blended in, with minimum salt, no garnishing and no taste enhancers. Seriously, to me it seems just like some gooey mass, nothing that can excite me. His diet has recently upgraded from mother’s milk only to these additional stuffs. Slowly as he becomes older we will be adding ingredients and garnishing and diversify to other food groups, but that will happen in a progressive manner. 

On one occasion I had tried to feed him bits out of my own dinner plate; only to be reprimanded by my mom. She had explained to me how it could harm the kid.

It seems that the kid’s gut, its natural flora and the enzyme systems are not developed yet to assimilate adult food. Moreover, if he is allowed to get the taste of what lies way ahead in his path of natural progression, he may no longer relish his actual food that is the mashed, ‘tasteless’ cereal. So basically, he needs to wait for the right stage of development to get the appropriate food for that stage. And it is our parental responsibility to ensure that the interest of the child is sustained towards his own food, and that he looks forward to meal times and savours his food.

What is more interesting is that this logic does not apply only to my son or just any other kid for that matter; it holds true for everybody in all walks of life, be it personal or professional. 

Do we try to understand our strengths and weaknesses and work on them? Do we realise that every individual is different and have different priorities? Why do we keep ourselves engaged in an eternal rat race? Do we have the patience to wait till it is the right time? Do we actually make efforts to keep people motivated in their current stations?

Food for thought.

This post is in response to weekly photo challenge prompt Waiting.


5 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. True but unfortunately the food on the others plate, if beautiful looks more tasty even if it may not be true. But waiting for that plate makes the plate of our food tasteless

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