Mirror Mirror On The Wall

This photograph was taken at the Chowmahallah Palace Museum. This museum preserves the legacy of the Nizams of Hyderabad. An entire hall in this palace is dedicated to the various weaponry that were in use during the days of the Nizam. This dagger is displayed inside a wall mounted glass box. The display happens to be opposite to the huge entrance of the hall. The open door with the pillars outside, a shaft of light falling across the floor can be seen reflected on the glass. The visitors are seen looking up at artifacts displayed on the walls. Looking closely, you can also see the lens shaft of my camera reflected on the glass panel.

mirror 2

Gloom lingered about the huge cold room decorated with murderous weapons. In this frame, the dagger is pitted against the bright sunlight visible through the open door. It looked to me like a metaphor; like one could walk past that door, out of the dark past and into a future of bright possibilities.


The second picture was taken at Ameenpur lake in Hyderabad. I often visit this lake to watch aquatic birds. On this occasion, I found this group of birdwatchers, trying to shoot pictures sitting on a sandbar that had appeared due to the receding waters of the lake.



This post is in response to Photo Challenge: Mirror


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