Finding a Good Frame

I clicked this picture on a run-vacation, at the ancient fort of Bidar, in South India. Runners had gathered at the Bidar fort in hundreds to take part in a Heritage run. This photograph was taken after the event when all the participants were enjoying their date with history. This photo was taken in the old mosque which remains now only as a piece of architecture to look at and marvel. There were numerous pillars and the guys in the picture were trying to do something similar to what I was doing; looking for a perfect frame to freeze motion mid air. From where I took the photo, the row of pillars on either side, the floor tapering away and the wall at the other end formed a sort of open cuboidal frame for all that was going on.

The featured image for this blog was also clicked on one of the crumbling structures of Bidar fort.


I have shared this picture before in response to Daily Post prompt Narrow. Taken at Udaipur City Palace museum; the wood work on the door serves as a perfect frame to contain the mystery that’s unfolding behind it.


This picture was taken in Jaipur, at the hill fort of Jaigadh. The huge gateway at one of the entrances offers itself for framing the Ficus tree on the raised pavilion beyond it.




This post is in response to Weekly photo challenge theme Frame


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