A Child’s Play

Sometime back, we had gone to a park with the hope of spending some relaxed time outdoors, away from the noise and crowd. We found therein, a spot matching our expectations, with a nice patch of green grass, cool breeze and less human traffic. None of us spoke a word, as we sat on the soft grass and soaked ourselves in tranquility. It was about ten in the morning and the atmosphere was peaceful and soothing.

There was a children’s park nearby with some swings and a rodeo ride. A couple were sitting on one of the swings gently swaying it and chatting away. The swing gave out a rhythmic creaking as it oscillated. This periodic creaking along with the cool breeze and balmy environs was trying its best to lull me to sleep.

I was suspended thus, in between sleep and wakefulness; when suddenly the lull was broken by distant high pitched squeals. The sounds kept coming closer and were now easily distinguishable into squeals, screams, laughs, whoops and yells. Soon enough, a large number of children dressed in bright red uniform, marched into the children’s play area. They were kids from some nearby school, on a picnic. A group of teacher’s were herding them through in some kind of order, but as soon as they entered the play area, the kids literally went berserk. Yelling at the top of their voices, they rushed towards the swings and the other play stations in the park. Running, scrambling, shoving and jostling, each tried to get onto a swing first; chattering and shouting, laughing and squealing and brimming with excitement.

“There goes our peace and relaxation,” I thought in my mind.

But then after some time, as I observed the kids closely at their play, I felt amused. I started clicking pictures. These are some of the pictures I took of the children playing at the park. I love the fun and excitement, awe and wonder these little faces exude.

Enjoy the pics. What can be more fun than watching children having fun?


Little girls looking at a rodeo ride.


Boy racing against his friends


This is a touching one. This little guy is trying to get onto the swing as his friends are holding it still for him.


This post is in response to Weekly Photo Challenge prompt Fun!

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