Born Again

Someone once said that waking up in the morning is like being born again; I do not remember who said it. But what I do remember is that he had also said that waking up in the morning is a sign that you have yet another day to be grateful for.

What I really like about an early morning, other than the fact that it is beautiful is its being the only time of the day when most people are yet to put on their garb of make-believe.

These are some pictures captured on such mornings at different places.


This is a scene from rural Bengal. A farmer is leading his goats out to graze. It is winter, in the month of December. Rice (called Aman in Bengal) is being harvested. The winter is also the time for growing a wide variety of vegetables in this area. Vines of cucurbits like cucumbers and gourds can be seen in the distance. The sunlight diffusing through the night’s mist has created a haze on the trees in the background.


This is the Albert Hall Museum in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is one of the most beautiful structures to photograph in the city. Every morning pigeons flock in large numbers to the space in front of the building to pick on the grains left for them by the citizens. There’s always one or two people to be found here either taking photographs, watching the pigeons or feeding them.


This street scene is also in Jaipur. Its early in the morning, when some people start out for their day’s work, like the guy in the motorbike. Walkers are sitting by the roadside to rest a while. A shopkeeper is chasing the pigeons to amuse his kid (not visible) who is tucked away into the fold of his right arm. The pink Bougainvillea blossoms and the green foliage are shimmering in the slanting rays of the sun.


This post is in response to Weekly photo challenge prompt Morning


4 thoughts on “Born Again

  1. Such a beautiful images and places you are sharing from your morning walks. Exploring the place in the morning is wonderful… Sometimes when I have a busy plan it’s the only option to explore the new city while travelling)


  2. I also love to get up in the morning. You took great photos, I like them. What were you doing so early in the morning? 😉 Where were you heading to?



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