At the Forefront of Luxury

Bernard Arnault, the Chief Executive Officer of LVMH, seems to have nailed it with his observation that the Luxury business grows well if fed with heritage.

These pictures were taken at Udaipur. There’s a restaurant behind Udaipur City Palace and beside the beautiful Pichola Lake. It was from here that these pictures were shot. The Pichola Lake is surrounded by a number of five star luxury hotels mostly carved out of palaces belonging to Rajputana heritage.


The table has been set out for you. This table promises you the delight of gazing upon the placid blue waters of the Pichola and admire the beautiful domed structures of Hotel Leela Palace across the blue expanse.You also get a view of the fort of Sajjangarh high up on the Arravalis. The food maybe a twitch expensive out here, but the cool breeze from the Pichola is definitely refreshing.


Taken from the ramparts behind the Udaipur City Palace. Going from the surface, deeper into the frame; the City Palace restaurant, the lake Pichola with a luxury barge in the middle, Hotel Leela Palace on the other side and finally the hills of the Aravalli range with Sajjangarh fort at the top. Nothing can beat the beauty of this view.






This post is in response to Daily Post prompt Luxury


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