Paint My World

The other day we were having a discussion among friends on the joys and travails of having a baby. The discussion was triggered by the fact that one among us was an expectant father and we were having a very animated discussion on the merits and demerits of birthing a baby boy or a baby girl. Among all the arguments put forward for and against each motion, there was one on which everybody seemed to agree.

One of the guys observed,” Its always good to have a girl in the family, she will fill the house with colors. A boy will spend an entire year in a drab pair of jeans and t-shirt. But a girl will definitely add multiple colors to your life .”

These two pictures are just proof of the truth in his words. Howsoever we quarrel with and make fun of the women in our life for being attracted to these trinkets, they nevertheless help paint our lives in a multitude of colors.


Handcrafted baubles on sale for all the pretty girls at Shilparamam park in Hyderabad.


A colorful store of fancy items at Hampi


This post is in response to Daily Post prompt Paint


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