When Life is Beautiful

This picture was a result of pure serendipity.  I had gone to a park looking for dragonflies to photograph.  I was with my wife under the cool shade of a neem tree, enjoying the soothing breeze; and simultaneously following an unusually restless dragon fly, waiting for it to perch on a nearby shrub.

A group of young people at the other end of the park, were gamboling about, immersed in mirth and laughter.  It was one such happy moment which I was able to capture in my camera.  One of the girls throws her scarf into the air in a carefree demonstration of joie de vivre.  Her unblemished joy is evident from the luminous smile that lights up her face.


This photograph for me epitomizes everything that is ‘from the heart’; an undiluted expression of ones true emotions; unadulterated by concerns of the surroundings and the society. The subject in that moment is true to only herself and what she feels. She is oblivious of the world that is watching her whether in awe, with approval or with scorn. This moment in her life is not spent seeking consent from others; it does not care whether the action conforms with or flouts the norms.


This post is in response to Daily post prompt Carefree



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