Hardly Connected

Last weekend, I was at the Nehru Zoological Park; visiting with a friend and our families.  Towards the end of the day, I was engaged, camera in hand, in taking a picture of a shriveled spider lily.  Suddenly this group of young fellows turns up, evidently intrigued by the amount of interest I was showing in a dried up flower.

One of them asked, “Are you a reporter?”

“No, I am not,” I replied.

“What was it that you photographed?  Show us,” the guy says, sticking closer to me , looking curiously into the display of my camera.

I loaded the picture of the spider lily on to the display and showed it to the young fellow.  The photograph had at its center the shriveled filaments of the erstwhile spider lily flower connected to the ovaries at their bases, now fertilized and swollen, preparing to mature into fruit and disperse the seeds.  The swollen ovaries were shining green on the outside with water droplets on them.

The guy looked at the picture and visibly amazed, looked back at the shriveled spider lily.  “Look at this guys? It looks so beautiful,” he tells his friends.

One by one the others saw the picture and discussed about its merits animatedly.  Their excitement amused me.

“Your camera is very good,” the first guy said with an air of approval and asked, “Why don’t you take a photograph of us?”

“Sure, why not?” I made them to pose for me and clicked away.

I showed them the photograph and they were very happy with it.  I felt satisfied that the guys liked the picture.

I asked them, “How do you want me to send you the photograph?”

“Doesn’t your camera have a blue-tooth?” one of them inquired.

“Well the camera is new and I don’t know all its functions yet,” I answered truthfully.

“Not a problem at all. Upload the photograph on the internet. One of us will find it at some point of time or the other.” The guys thanked me for the photograph, shook my hand and walked on.

I was left pondering over this novel situation. The only way by which this photograph can reach its subjects is by coincidence. I can only do my bit and wait for serendipity to make the connection and accomplish the task.


Therefore, I am uploading the photograph to my blog in the hope that at some point of time in the future one of you my readers may recognize yourself in this picture, download it and pass it on to your other friends. I am uploading both a color as well as a black and white copy of the photograph.

Personally the black and white picture is my favorite. It helps bring out the innocence of youth in each of the faces.





This post is in response to Daily post prompt Connected


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