Monsoon, Mountains, Monkeys & Maize at Matheran

I put together this album of photographs from a trip to Matheran, in the monsoon of 2011. Matheran is a small hill station near Mumbai. It has forest trails that make for pleasant strolls topped with splendid views of the Western Ghats. The best is seen in the Monsoons when the Sahyadris take on a verdant green adorned with numerous beautiful waterfalls.

We went in a group of four, walking a total distance over twenty kilometers that day, paying no heed to the beating rain. We were drenched to our very bones, but the thrill of it was such that, we did not feel the discomfort at all.

These photographs were taken by me and my companions. The idea was to capture the moments and not the place. I wanted to remember the feelings, the joy, the thrill, the camaraderie that we experienced on this trip.It is for this reason I have posted black and white pictures. With color, I feel the attention gets focussed more onto the physical aspects of the surroundings.


A small toy train runs on a narrow gauge rail from Neral (nearest railway junction) to Matheran. This service stops during the monsoons. This meant that we could use the railway track as the easiest way to walk into Matheran. Matheran administration doesnot allow motor vehicles; the last stop for vehicles is Dasturi Naka which is a half-hour walk from the centre of the town.


Raja (left) and Shiva (right) walking into town. The fog was thick and the atmosphere heavy.


Wet but in lively spirits. Fooling around near one of the ‘view-points’ I do not remember now.


Nothing can match the joy of walking on this forest road, muddy and sticky due to the rain. It sure did bring back memories of naughty childhood.


It was raining heavily, the guys were fully drenched. I took the photograph with a camera inside a polythene wrapper to protect it from the rain. Water drops in front of the lens blurred the picture at places. Shiva, Raja and Dinesh (from left to right).


Disclaimer: Viewers are requested not to do this at home or anywhere.  The thrill of sitting at the edge of nowhere is only for fun-junkies like us.


Trying to see the bottom of the deep chasm behind me. The feeling was of both amazement as well as fear; amazed by the beauty of the hills and waterfalls; fearful of the bottomless drop behind me.


At last some respite from the rain. I was trying to dry off my camera which was totally wet. Eventually the camera got spoiled though; the one and only casualty of a day of full on enjoyment.


Enjoying the view of the rain from the shelter


Buying boiled Maize. Nothing can beat the taste of boiled sweet corn with a pinch of salt-pepper and a dash of lime. It is a super snack, meant for having outdoors in the rainy season.


Enjoying a cob of corn. Not for long though. Dinesh was robbed of his cob by a simian.


This monkey waylaid Dinesh and releived him of his partially finished corn cob. The rascal was already having another in its hand. This was the first time I observed the swelling beneath the jaws of the monkey and came to know that they can store masticated food in there.


At Louisa point, one of the most beautiful view points of Matheran. The view of the mountains and the valley below is trully magnificent. Raja, Dinesh and Shiva.


A photograph of me taking photographs.IMG_1184modbw

The view of the beautiful waterfalls from Louisa point. This is trully what the Western ghats is all about in this season.


A monsoon stream formed at the foot of the hill with water draining off in numerous small waterfalls off its rocky sides.


Tired from the trek, chilled to the bones by the rain, but still in cheerful mood. Posing for the camera on the edge of a vertical drop.


There’s always energy left for a jig. I and Raja gone berserk in mad-footed frenzy. No holds barred entertainment.


The trek’s done. The day is gone. But the reminiscence stiĺl gives joy. We shared some hours of our lives and enjoyed thoroughly. The memories will always be there to be cherished.

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