A Slice of Paradise

The term “weekend getaway” is especially apt for people like me who resent the stuffy city life; who need to periodically recharge their batteries to cope up with the pressures of mundane existence. Sometimes city life seems like a vast ocean of never ending needs and of people like mechanized robots haggling over peanuts and running after money; most likely chasing some elusive dream.

Every once in a while, my brain cries out for a break. The daily routine becomes suffocating and my mind rebels against this arrangement. A getaway is really a ‘bliss’ word for me. An escape from this system, this drab city life and its boring inhabitants is such an welcome respite. My mind longs for an island of tranquility amid this ocean of chaos that is my life.

These pictures were taken during my trip to a ‘paradise’ called Papikondalu in Andhra Pradesh. A boat trip down the mighty Godavari is a pleasurable experience that cannot be described fully in words. We took a ferry down this river to Papikondalu, where we spent a night in bamboo huts that had the least of protections from either the winter or chance visit from any wild animal. Antakshri sessions, around a bonfire on the river bank at night literally seemed to be an out of this world experience. It was a rustic someplace where no one really minded if ‘you’ became ‘you’ for the time being. It is a place where you just let loose and soak in every moment of pure joy in the lap of Mother nature. The best part of it all is that this place is inaccessible to cell phone networks, so that you are really isolated from the ‘other world’.


A five to six hour ferry ride down the mighty Godavari gives a beautiful view of this majestic river and the fertile green fields on its banks. I must admit that before this trip I had no idea that the Godavari was such a huge river. In comparison, I and the steamer we were in seemed so little and so vulnerable.


This was the site that was before me when I woke up and came out of our bamboo hut in the morning.


This  is my favorite. I was sitting on a chair just outside our hut and this was the view in front of me. The picture cannot describe the euphoria that I experienced just sitting there.


It is a place which coaxes the child inside you to come out. My friend here launched himself into the Godavari like a fish. It was hard pulling him out of the water after that.


For me this picture perhaps defines Papikondalu. It is nature at its best; open blue sky, a beautiful life giving river, sand, vegetation and in the midst of it all, “you”, the real “you”, the free spirit.


This post is in response to the Daily post prompt Island


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