Not Without the Silver Lining

As a kid I had always been timid, so much so that a crack of lightning or simply the rumbling of dark rain clouds would scare me to death. I always liked to see the sky bright and beaming. I had come to regard Cirrus and Cumulus as good, as friends; Stratus and Nimbus were the bullies, they were bad. Watching fair weather clouds scurrying across the Spring sky and drawing imaginary beings out of shapes, was a favorite pastime. Monsoons were just the opposite. Slaty black clouds were spoilers of our afternoon soccer sessions.


I took this photograph last weekend from my terrace .The sky was completely overcast with dark and heavy rain clouds. It looked as if huge grey bags filled with water were ready to burst and dump thousands of gallons of water on top of the buildings underneath. While I am still not particularly fond of such leaden skies, it did bring the promise of respite from the heat and the prospect of vegetation turning a vibrant, shiny green from a dry, dull one. I can’t complain; it’s not a bad bargain at all.


This post is in response to Daily post prompt Clouds

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