The Other Life

“What is life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.”

There will be very few people who never pondered, as poet William Henry Davies writes. Many a times as I ponder over life, I wonder, what are we up to, where are we headed. Our lives have become mechanical, our pursuits materialistic; we have transformed into small cogs that form the part of a well oiled machine that is our society or our daily enterprise. Society is now just a market, productivity is the clarion call.

William Davies’ verse is no more expected to find a sane voice. It is restricted to wishful thinkers and lazy buggers. No sane ‘cog’ would dare to give a thought to this, lest they deviate; for there is no margin for deviation, hundreds of cogs are waiting to replace it.

I took this photograph on one of my trips to Hampi. Hampi is a small agricultural village in the state of Karnataka. It also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage site for possessing the remnants of the ancient empire of Vijayanagar. I was roaming around enjoying the lush landscape when I came across this idyllic habitation. It seemed to have come alive from the writing of a romantic poet.



The view created a strange longing in my heart for this sort of life and this kind of living. My life is bound by routine, leadened with responsibilities. I work hard every day to earn my bread to pay my bills. At the end of every day I come back to my apartment. I live in a building, one among many in the society, identically colored, and symmetrically laid, with all modern amenities. I have everything that a sane man should have or aspire to possess, yet my heart pines for something else.

I stood there for quite some time admiring the house, its surroundings, the fields, the coconut palms, the barbed wire fence; everything seemed so perfect, everything seemed to be in harmony. The site of this simple farm house generated warmth in my heart that I never found in the city, or in my daily life.

My life has grown all around me into a maze of concrete. It has trapped me in a concrete whirlpool and is constantly trying to suck me in. I ask  myself. What is it that I must do to break through this prison? What do I do to rebuild my life in the way I want it to? Do I have what it takes to destroy the set order and build again?

Do you ever feel that way? Feel free to share your thoughts.

This blog was written in response to the daily post prompt Rebuild


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