A Path Out of Mayhem

I was roaming around with my little sister one morning inside the campus of the North Bengal University when my sister suggested we walk across through a rubber plantation to see how latex is collected. It was a couple of years back. These photographs were taken at that time. Now as I thought of responding to the Daily prompt of Simplicity, these two pictures seemed very appropriate for expressing my take on the prompt.

rubber trees_simplicity

Time and again in daily life we come across situations where we need to be decisive. These situations are indeed stressful for most of us. Lack of information or an overload of it lead to confusion regarding the one simple path that is the best solution. The greater the effort put in to bring up a solution, the murkier the problem becomes. In such a situation the single action that can help is de-cluttering….. simplification. Once all the unnecessary impediments are excluded from the thought process, it might be evident that just a single step backwards and a slight shuffle to one side, might show you the path you need to find.

Simplification is the backbone of many Quality tools that industries use to troubleshoot problems or to ensure continual optimity of  performance. 5S (seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke) is a Japanese concept of workplace organization which involves the 5 steps of – Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. The first two steps ‘Sort’ and ‘Set in order’ are nothing but de-cliuttering, simplification. Fish bone diagrams used for troubleshooting in industry and business are nothing but a way of segregating and arranging factors in a way as to identify their impact on the problem; another example of simplification.

While industries and businesses have structured decision trees to help simplify and move ahead, life does not provide such tools. But often problems that seem to have no solutions can often be solved by a simple shift in stance, a slight change in perspective. However to do so, one needs to have a clear view of what one wants and what are the available resources. This clear view is afforded by Simplicity in the thought process.



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