Joy in Nature

One of the purest feelings that we human beings experience is the feeling of joy. I say that it is pure, because unlike happiness, it is not triggered by any material gain. It is a feeling that comes when we are spiritually connected.

Mist at Matheran

This photograph is of my friend Shiva. It was taken a long time back, sometime in the monsoon of 2011. In a group of four friends we went to a hill station named Matheran. We wanted to experience what it was like to hike in the rain and enjoy the beauty of the Western Ghats mountains.

Early in the day, the visibility was less, reduced to within meters by a thick mist. It wasn’t raining yet. The atmosphere was heavy and it seemed time was moving at a very slow pace. There was a sort of numbness in the moment. The typical calm of the mountains made the experience surreal. It felt as if we were bouncing inside a bubble of ethereal silence, interrupted only by the pitter-patter of drops from overhead foliage.

In this picture, my friend looks on in wonder at a view the likes of which, he hasn’t seen before. The beauty of what he beholds brings a smile of untainted innocent joy on his face. Nature has the power to cleanse our thoughts of the mundane, to take us into its fold and closer to the supreme. It is in such moments that we experience such pure feelings as Joy.

This post was inspired by a prompt from WP Photo Challenge: Pure


12 thoughts on “Joy in Nature

  1. Pic says it all… and amazing expression in form of words…I could connect with such experience in the past. Abhi, keep writing and sharing.


    1. Yes it can be risky. But so is going out of the house. Too cliched?

      Its a risk worth taking if you see how beautifully the Ghats unfold, and especially in Matheran, which is such a lovely little hill station. We did have a couple of hilarious falls between the four of us, I remember now as you speak of it; but nothing serious. It is an experience worth having, at least once.


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